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Travel Tips!

Vacation Ideas!

There are a lot of travel sites online saying that they have the best last minute travel deals, but the truth is that 9 out of 10 times this isn’t true. By booking your vacation with me, you will be able to get access to travel deals that are some of the best in the industry. I already have the relationships in place that can help you save on your airfare, resort stays and more. Why pay more when you can get it for less? When you book your trip with me, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re getting the best price with our Price Match guarantee. Finding the right last minute deal can ensure that you get to take that luxury beach vacation to a tropical island for a price you can afford. I also ensure you the best service you’ve ever had from a travel agency or online booking service with my “Five-Star Service!“ guarantee. Unlike other travel agencies, I never charge additional service fees, but make sure to provide you the service you deserve. Here are some air travel tips I've come to find useful in my experiences.

Tips for Flying Into Mexico

As you get ready for your trip to the wonderful beaches of Mexico, just a few tips to share. 

Want to see some sites while on vacation? Check out this: Cancun Tours

Playa del Carmen Area: Riviera Maya Tours

Check and follow your flights for last minute schedule changes or cancellations


Besides the obvious things like your US VALID Passport Book and swim suit, I recommend taking these items:  Waterproof Phone Case, Mosquito-Repelling Wristbands and/or Insect Repellent, Sunscreen with High SPF, Hat, U.S. Currency for tips depending on how many nights you are staying, 3-4 nights recommended - $50 ones a ten $5's in GOOD condition), Snorkel & Mask (if you want to snorkel), Tums or Imodium, Pain Reliever like Advil, a small power strip IF you have multiple devices you need to charge.  

Here are some travel tips you should know to make the beginning of your trip as smooth as possible.​ PLEASE READ BELOW:

Arriving into the International Airport has gotten a lot easier, immigration or custom forms are no longer required for Valid US Passport holders.  You will now receive a stamp in your passport upon arrival speeding up the arrival process!  BIG TIP - LOOK for this automated line (E GATES) and save a lot of time in line, currently must be 18 and older to use these new E Gates!  YOU NEED YOUR BOARDING PASSES!!  Don't throw away or leave on the plane.

Consent for International Travel Minors Under 18 Form

The requirements change when a child leaves the country, particularly if it is without one or both parents. Because of increasing instances of child abduction in custody cases, and a growing number of children who are the victims of trafficking or pornography, government and airline personnel are now more vigilant. When a minor travels outside the country alone, with one parent, or with adults other than his or her parents, it is likely that an immigration officer or airline staff member will ask for a letter of consent. Download Form Here:  Consent for International Travel Minors Under 18 Form

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

Protect yourself and enroll your trip with this Government website and get travel advisories before your international vacation;

S.T.E.P -

Typical Complaints

Many people I work with on vacations don’t complain about anything. The complaints I do get, however, seem to usually be one of the following;

Changing Prices: Prices change. It’s a fact of life. If your friend booked a month ago and you want to book today, you’re probably paying a different price. If you called for a quote a week ago and were just waiting to get your paycheck before you made deposit, the price you were quoted may very well have changed. How to avoid it: Book as early as possible.

Airline Schedule Changes: Sadly, schedule changes are also a fact of life. Charter flights seem subject to more dramatic schedule changes than scheduled carriers. How to avoid it: I’m not sure there is a way to avoid an airline schedule change short of buying or leasing a private jet.


Cancellation Fees: Fortunately, most people don’t cancel, so this isn’t an issue for most people. Depending on how close to your departure date you cancel, the cancellation penalties could be as high as 100%.How to avoid it: Purchase travel insurance (or don’t cancel).


Luggage Fees: Luggage fees are an unfortunate sign of our times. I don’t think they’re going anywhere either. Depending on the airlines and your luggage, fees can add a substantial amount to the cost of your trip. How to avoid it: Pack judiciously and be very clear on the baggage policy of the airline in question before booking your trip. One airline might appear cheaper, but once you factor in the luggage fees, it may not be the case.


Assigned Seats on the Plane: Right after you book, it is my job to look at it and figure out what needs to happen with regard to your assigned seats. If the flights are on a carrier (usually Charters) where you must go online and pay a fee for the seats, I will call and let you know. If it is on a scheduled carrier, I look at the seating chart and assign the best possible seats. If no pre-assigned seating is available, I will let you know. Sometimes it just comes down to assigning the seat at the airport on the day of departure. I will my very best, but I don’t have the ability to throw passengers out of a seat. As much as I’d like to, the airline doesn’t give me that right. How to avoid it: Book early.


Room Requests: Frequently people have a request regarding their room assignments. Groups like their rooms to be assigned together. Some people want to be in a certain building or near a certain restaurant or pool. Sometimes people want a higher floor or a specific floor. We do make our room requests directly to the management of the hotel. Room requests are, however, requests. Sometimes the hotel is able to fulfill them and sometimes circumstances dictate that they cannot. How to avoid it: Understand the difference between what is confirmed, and what is on request.


Ocean View Rooms: Many resorts offer an ocean view room category as well as an oceanfront or maybe a beachfront room category. In this scenario, ocean view would be less expensive. It also offers the least view of the water. Some resorts are very liberal with how they define which room category. If you can see the slightest sliver of water in the distance while standing on your tippy toes on the balcony, it’s an ocean view room. How to avoid it: Be clear what your expectations are for your view. Book accordingly.


Mattress Comfort: Just like Goldilocks, some people find their mattress too hard, some find them too soft. Others find them just right. How to avoid it: Generally speaking, at lower end resorts you’re going to find harder beds. (They last longer and need replacing less frequently.) At higher end resorts you’ll find pillow tops and high thread count sheets.

Airport Meltdowns

My flight is cancelled? There is a mechanical delay?? Whenever possible, don't stand in line without calling first; it's almost guaranteed that your other flight options will disappear before you get to the front of that line. Instead, call the airline immediately and ask to be "protected"--booked on an alternate flight, whether their airline or another. But, understand that some airlines don't have interline agreements. If you fly on Jet Blue, Southwest or Air Tran, for example, you can't be "protected" on another carrier because they don't "interline" with the major legacy airlines like American, United, Delta and so forth.SEATS TRICKS in coach! Best coach seats: On a long flight on a 747, ask for seats 67K or 68K, most leg and side room. On a 767 ask for seats 17H or 17J, on an American Aircraft 757 ask for 10F or 10 A, there is no 9 F or 9 A!

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