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Common Mistakes at All-Inclusive Resorts!

You’ve decided you want the ultimate relaxing, beach vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico or the
Caribbean, great idea, just some things you should know:

As a travel advisor that specializes in all-inclusive resorts, I’ve had my share of incredible and not-so-
incredible experiences at these resorts. Along the way, I’ve compiled a list of mistakes I see people make.

So, if you want to get the most out of your next all-inclusive resort vacation in Mexico or the Caribbean,
then keep reading!

Mistake #1: Not Checking the Dress Code
A lot of all-inclusive resorts have dress codes, especially in the evening at the ala carte restaurants. Many
require men to wear long pants, collared shirts and/or close-toed shoes. Without the proper attire you
may be stuck eating at the buffet every night. You can usually find the resort’s dress code on their
website, so be sure to check or ask me before you pack!

Mistake #2: Not Asking for a Specific Brand When Ordering Drinks
Just because “some” resorts include premium alcohol with their all-inclusive plan, it doesn’t mean they’ll
automatically offer them to you. Always be specific about what brand of liquor you want when ordering
drinks, otherwise it will most likely be from the well section (aka local or lower brands). Some resorts only
offer top shelf with certain room categories like Preferred Club or Privileged Room categories, know this
before you arrive.

Mistake #3: Not Bringing Enough Sunscreen
We all know how important sunscreen is, especially when you’re spending hours soaking up rays on the
beach or chilling at the swim-up bar. If you forget to pack sunscreen you can buy it at the resort gift shop,
but expect to pay a premium. Sunscreen will usually cost about $30-40 a bottle if you have to buy on
property. Same goes for pain relievers and toiletries. So do go prepared with Tums, Ibuprofen, Aspirin
and Aloe gel.

Mistake #4: Not Taking Advantage of Bellhop Services
These resorts offer bellhop/concierge services to take you to your room with your bags and will show you
how the AC works, the mini bar, safe and if included, how the ipad works to order room service or see the
daily activities. When you are getting ready to check out, just call them 15 minutes before you are ready
to leave your room and they will come pick up your bags. Just be sure to tip them for their hard work. And
that brings me to my next mistake…

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